Getting started with your fitness journey can be daunting, whether you are a beginner, hit a plateau or just been out of the game for a while and would like to start again. Or, you have been really dedicated to your fitness journey, but need to try something new to get you to the next level.
Understanding where you are at in terms of your health and fitness level will let me customise a fitness plan for you.  This is why I offer a FREE ASSESSMENT before you commit to a training with me.

In short, what will be discussed or happen at our first consultation;

  • Health and Physical activity history.
  • Measurement of body fat percentage.
  • Weight & various body measurements.
  • Your goals and what your expectations are from your training sessions.
  • Filling out of important paperwork (don’t worry its not that bad)
  • Setting up appointments for training sessions.

Client-trainer fit is important!