Ever since I can remember I have loved sports and being active. All through my school years I enjoyed being a multi-sport athlete, playing rugby, cricket, hockey, and water polo. Recently my weekends are filled with wakeboarding, hiking and mountain biking. My first love however is water. I excelled in swimming and fresh water lifesaving throughout my school career. A highlight was when I represented South Africa at the junior World Championships in Barcelona. I’ve also completed more Midmar Miles than I can remember.

My love of sport continued after school when I furthered my studies in Sports Administration and I coached various primary school and club sports teams in soccer, water polo, swimming and hockey both locally and abroad. After studying I started a career in the corporate world, but I was never truly happy or content. A few years ago I decided to pursue my passion for sports and fitness full time, and I haven’t looked back since. I truly see the role I have now as fulfilling my purpose and using my talents to help others improve their quality of life through fitness and motivation.


There is nothing more precious in life than laughter, health and wellness. Anyone who has the will and determination to work hard, and consistently make positive lifestyle changes, no matter  how small, will experience major transformations. 


With me you will work hard and see results. As your personal trainer, I take my job seriously to ensure you smash your goals consistently and to find what motivates you the most. I like to  keep my workout programmes fun, functional and constantly varied but effective. Each client and session is different and my focus is on getting bodies to move functionally and making our sessions count. With me you will learn varied and correct exercise techniques that you can take with you for the rest of your life…