Sep 5, 2018 Nico Mentz

Fit Mommy & Me Workouts launching in September with Baby College Cedar Square

Recently my wife and I welcomed our first child. As all new parents will know, this is an amazing, confusing, exciting and stressful time!

My wife, found the physical changes of having a baby quite tough.  She so desperately wanted to get back to exercising again to sort out those post pregnancy trouble spots but felt the tug & pressure of spending time with our little one as much as possible during her maternity leave.

After my wife went back to work, I also started taking our baby to Baby College for developmental classes and met more moms in the same position.  This is where the idea came to offer Fit Mommy & Me Workouts!

Fit Mommy & Me Workouts are fun, functional and effective training routines you can do with your little one. Some of the workouts also include movements that incorporate baby, so it is a great time for bonding too!

The aim of the workouts is to build up general physical fitness and restore core strength, so it can be done by moms of any fitness levels. We concentrate on low-impact exercises but can increase the intensity for fitter moms if need be. Baby College is also geared for babas of all ages, and the staff are on-hand to help any mamas if need be.

Because the Mommy & Me classes are in a group setting, moms also get to interact with other moms and a dad (me).

Class details;

  • Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • Time: 10:30-11:30
  • Cost: R120 per class

I am very excited for these new classes and look forward to meeting and coaching all the new moms.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me; Phone of WhatsApp; 079 594 0902 or email