Jan 11, 2016 Nico Mentz

Hello world! Welcome to my new blog & website!

Hello and welcome to my blog & website! My name is Nico Mentz and I’m a personal trainer in Fourways, Johannesburg, with a passion to help people just like you.  Whether it’s losing weight, improving your overall health or confidence.

I wanted to start this blog to share my insights, experiences and valuable tips picked up from helping other clients and the industry. Hopefully this will help you to achieve your goals and get the results you are after!

Don't let your current circumstances

New Year kick-start

January is always a month that signifies new beginnings, a fresh start and as people we get the sense we can get a do-over from last year.  Unfortunately, new-year’s resolutions are statistically proven to fail / not be kept after the first three months of the year…UNLESS…

You really REALLY, really want it and you put strategies and support in place to help you succeed.

Losing weight or getting fit is always one of the top resolutions people have. We see it at the gym that is packed over this period.  But why do people get off to a great start and fizzle out?

To put it simply…it’s HARD (but not impossible) to lose weight, and it will require work, dedication and huge changes to the way you approach food, routine and commitment.  These fad diets and “lose weight quickly” claims give people false hope of a quick fix, and when they don’t see the results, they get despondent.

So let’s put the facts on the table shall we? If you are really, truly serious about your fitness goals this year here are some key things you need to understand and do to set yourself up for success:

Every Accomplishment


Attitude is one of the greatest assets in your fitness journey.  I see it time and time again, people who come to my training sessions with a positive, work-hard attitude do great with their sessions. They leave the session feeling tired, but also great and amped for the next one.

Then there is the group that HATE coming for training. They are masters at making excuses, or not doing that extra rep.  These guys generally work hard, but this mind-set is self-defeating and they end up only training for a short time.

Number one advice I can give is to get your head in the game and try to have as much fun as possible!  This is a long-term commitment with loads of sacrifices, but also great rewards.   If you find a way to enjoy the work, you will succeed.

You’ve got to want it more than you want to breathe!


Nothing worth doing was ever achieved in a comfort zone where little or no commitments thrive. Do the words “Tomorrow is another day” or “Just this last time” ring a bell?  Maintaining your motivation by having a clear purpose and deadline is key to success.

I find that clients with clear deadlines, goals or a purpose are the most successful in actually achieving their vision. Whether it is to run a marathon, or lose weight for your wedding, wanting to look good at a big event, wanting to get healthy so you can be around for your kids for a long time you need to find that one thing that is going to make you get yourself off the couch, away from temptation and the comfort zone to go hit it hard.

Nobody is too busy


In today’s stressful, time-starved life, it is so easy to go for the quick-fix or turn to food for some comfort. The number 1 enemy in my opinion is sugar.  (but I will write more about that later!)

A hard fact is, you cannot outrun or out train a bad diet.

You need a mind shift from looking to food as reward or comfort, to seeing that food is what fuels your body. Quality food = quality of life.  We all know the old adage: “You are what you eat.” Well I want to add to that saying with “so don’t be fast, convenient or fatty!”

Losing weight is 70% in the kitchen and 30% in the gym.


I get a lot of people wanting to lose too much weight in a short period.  The truth is, weight loss is not a straight forward journey.  You will lose and gain weight consistently, but over time, the loss will happen.

It’s critical to put down clear, defined short-term goals that are achievable and SAFE.  Losing too much weight too quickly can do a lot of harm to your body.

Taking the pre-assessment to put down achievable goals, and keeping track of your body measurements (body fat percentage, body measurements, weight) is key to keep yourself motivated.

The true test

All this said, congratulations on taking the first step towards your journey. By reading this post it’s obvious you are hungry for information and getting tools or tips to ensure you succeed.

My wish is that you will be brave enough to commit to your goal and start reaping the rewards and benefits of leading a healthier and more active life.  Once you start feeling better, looking better and thinking better the sky won’t even be the limit to you.

Here’s to a fitter, happier, healthier 2016!

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